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The 48 System

48 color. The Gmund Colors grid.

A limited number of arranged building-blocks are the precondition for a functional system.

Numbers, for example, can be most readily put in order with the aid of the decimal system. But a system that works well for numbers needn’t necessarily be appropriate for colors. Extensive tests found that series with 6, 12 and 24 colors are easier to comprehend than series with 5, 10 and 15 colors. Our tests also showed that people can more speedily comprehend 3-by-3 and 4-by-6 color grids than 5-by-2 or 2-by-10 grids. That’s why the Gmund colors system is based on 12 rather than 10. The number of colors was set at 48 – the perfect number.

These 48 colors were then systematically and didactically divided into 8 color series with 6 color tones in each series: the Gmund Colors Grid.


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