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An additional 1,680 square meters

Gmund Paper celebrates second phase of construction

An additional 1,680 square meters
09. February 2016

Ill. (from left): Gmund Paper Mill’s technical director Stephan Treske, its owner and CEO Florian Kohler, and its commercial director Reiner Schuster

Gmund Paper Mill presents its new building in the town of Gmund. With the goal of creating a state-of-the-art working environment, concepts for modern workplaces and storage facilities are currently being created. These will soon move into the newly built premises. The second phase of new construction, which offers circa 1,680 m² of additional floor space, provides the company with ideal conditions for innovative and futureoriented work.

The Mangfall Valley – An Inspiring Location

"It’s no coincidence that Gmund Paper has manufactured for the past 187 years in the town of Gmund in the valley of the Mangfall River, which flows out of the Lake Tegernsee. The Mangfall is simultaneously an inspiration and a source of energy. We use the power of the river’s water, which provides us with up to 50% of the energy we need. We’ve created a four-storey building on an extremely small plot of land— a most complex and highly efficient project. We’re very pleased to be able to enlarge our headquarters here in Gmund," says Florian Kohler, CEO and owner of the Gmund Paper Mill. Technical director Stephan Treske proudly explains: "We accomplished this without interrupting our ongoing production. That was a big challenge, which we mastered thanks to excellent teamwork."

Firmly Anchored in Gmund

The starting shot for the new construction was fired late in 2012. The first phase, with 1,600 m² of floor space, was completed one year later. Ninety steel-reinforced concrete pillars were sunk to a depth of twelve meters. The five-storey building now provides space for one of the world’s most modern cutting facilities, along with the service and logistics departments. The second four-storey building complex, which was built during the past 1½ years under the direction of the Hans Holzner construction company, will soon house high-tech paperprocessing machinery and logistical systems.

Trailblazing Worlds for Work

"We want short pathways and optimal workplaces in order to facilitate good in-house communication and interaction," Kohler explains. Plenty of light and a functional spatial concept will characterize the new workplaces, which are custom-made to meet the needs of Gmund’s employees.

Sabine Huber
Public Relations
Tel. +49 8022 7500-73

About the paper factory Gmund

Gmund Paper has been synonymous with paper culture and the ecological fabrication of unique communications media from natural paper since 1829.

The cellulose used in all of Gmund’s papers is FSC® certified.

Custom-tailored solutions for sustainable brand identities are created at the development and production site in the town of Gmund on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. Circa 75% of the papers are exported. A family-owned business, Gmund Paper is directed by fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler.


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