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Big Wheel Press, MA

Why Gmund Cotton was the perfect choice for a big project 

"We just finished a large project using Gmund Cotton for Turner Classic Movies. It was an unusual project for us because the client wanted a large digital print (20 cm x 80 cm) of an original full color landscape with a letterpress addition of a logo.  We needed a paper that would respond well on a large format digital printer and take a good impression on one of our Vandercook cylinder proof presses.  We did not like our options in digital papers so we tested the Gmund Cotton. It worked beautifully.  

One of the best qualities of the Gmund Cotton as compared to other cotton sheets is that it is virtually free from imperfections. The sheets are all pristine with no unwanted inclusions.  This can not be said of other 100% cotton papers.

We also exclusively use Gmund papers for our line of greeting cards. It costs a little bit more than other sheets, but the quality is superior and we want to be known as a quality maker.  Many Gmund sheets are used in this line...matte colors, the new gold sheets, the bier paper and the wood grained papers.

Big Wheel Press also does a large business in custom wedding invitations and corporate materials. All the projects on the shop today will be printed on Gmund."

Bill Muller Big Wheel Press 

William Muller, Proprietor Big Wheel Press

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