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Colors that we remember

Active colors

The process of developing the colors in Gmund Colors began with a thorough analysis of established theories of color. Color systems from Goethe to Lüscher try to cover all colors in the visible spectrum with the fewest gaps, but they ignore the human brain’s functional ability to recognize colors.

Tests conducted with more than 300 individuals showed that when wearing a blindfold, a person can name between 20 and 60 so-called “coloring differences.” The more creative the individual’s profession and the stronger the person’s aesthetic orientation, the more colors he or she can recall while blindfolded. Gmund calls these “active colors.” They differ from “passive colors,” which test subjects can successfully name only in direct comparison with a sample.

The result is sobering and exciting: we have 20 to 60 active colors on the one hand, and thousands of passive colors on the other. Based on this new discovery, Gmund directly began with the development of strong, active colors to create the first color system built upon the foundation of the human memory.


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