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Competence and Quality

Paper production on the highest level.

Papers from Gmund are manufactured on two machines: one dates from 1883, the other from 1930. Both machines have evolved with the passing decades. Modern high-tech guidance devices, energy-efficient driving motors, touchscreens and the newest sensor elements are continually augmented, connected and modernized. And Gmund goes even farther to keep on the highest level. For three weeks each summer, the machines undergo annual tests and maintenance; modern high-tech components are used to finely tune time-honoured elements of the machines. This optimizes production processes and keeps quality unflaggingly high. When it comes to quality control, Gmund doesn’t rely only on innovative online photo-optical sensors in ultramodern Jagenberg sheeters, but also trusts the skilled hands and experienced eyes of veteran employees. No machine can take the place of the incomparable sensitivity and practiced eye for papers that these artisans have developed over many decades. They check each sheet individually and by hand. That’s why each delivered ream is accompanied by a certificate for tested and guaranteed impeccable high-quality paper.

Impressive print materials.

Gmund develops many high-quality print materials. This leads to the creation of technically innovative papers such as Gmund Action, which debuted with its deeply shimmering explosions of colour in 2013, or patented Blocker paper, an absolutely opaque and pure white paper that was launched in 2012. Gmund has already created 100,000 paper variations, which are available as samples to touch and to see. All of these papers were developed in our laboratories and each has passed numerous tests that confirm its high quality. Gmund also creates "custom-tailored" papers in response to requests from our customers. An unusual colour, a special weight or a unique structure distinguishes a business’s own “DNA paper” – naturally in Gmund quality.

Paper trends from Gmund.

Over 40 stylish collections of paper come from Gmund. All were designed in Gmund, and each is delivered to customers around the world. In the context of our international projects, Gmund’s employees are continually in contact with creative minds from Tokyo to Los Angeles and from Helsinki to Buenos Aires. This stimulating climate repeatedly leads to the creation of new and inspiring paper trends from Gmund in Upper Bavaria.


Thank you for visiting us from the USA. We are passionate about paper. Our mill is in Gmund am Tegernsee, in Southern Germany. On our international pages, you’ll find innovative papers, news about our company, and important sales information.