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Be creative with natural paper!

Gmund Paper - #craftsconquerboredom
27. March 2020

UPDATE 27.03.2020

Due to many requests, we created the paper package as a colorful, 2.5kg product - this and other creative products can be ordered here.

UPDATE 23.03.2020:

Dear Paper Fans of All Ages,

The response to our “Crafts Conquer Boredom” campaign has been overwhelming. 

After our announcement, we received more than 2,000 messages via Facebook, Instagram, email and telephone. 

Each of these people requested a “Conquer Boredom” package, packed with paper for crafts, painting or writing, to make time spent at home a bit more colorful and cheerful.

Of course, we are very happy that our campaign has been so eagerly received. Unfortunately, however, we cannot send a package to everyone because we received such an unexpectedly large number of requests. In the spirit of solidarity, we have decided to fill each individual package with somewhat less paper. This way we’ll be able to send out more “Conquer Boredom” packages. We’re currently collecting all the requests and drawing lots to determine who’ll receive a package.

The campaign ends today. Perhaps you’ll be among those who’ll soon receive a package from Gmund Paper!

If you don’t get a package this time, please don’t be sad. Simply visit our website again, where you’ll regularly discover new and entertaining ideas.

Stay healthy!

Your team at Gmund Paper


Press release 21.03.2020:

We’ve come up with something special for the little paper fans in this extraordinary situation.

We regularly support kindergartens, schools and social institutions in our region by providing them with paper from our production. This isn't possible at the moment and most children must now spend their time at home, so we've packed plenty of "Conquer Boredom" packages: The packages are bags full of paper for handicrafts, painting or writing – and for creativity that knows no limits.

Passing time creatively with natural paper is certainly a worthwhile activity. Many parents already stocked up on so-called "Surprise Packages" of handicraft paper before we had to close our Gmund Paper Shop. And those "Surprise Packages" inspired our "Conquer Boredom" idea. 

If you would like to have one of our "Conquer Boredom" packages, simply contact us via our social-media channels and we'll send your package directly to you (while supplies last).

Furthermore, we plan to provide extra variety on our social-media channels, where we'll post child-friendly content all about paper. Simply visit gmundpaper or #craftsconquerboredom on Instagram or Facebook.

Sabine Huber
Public Relations
Tel. +49 8022 7500-73


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