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The Digital Conference Appreciates Gmund Paper

21. January 2016

Left: DLD's chairman Yossi Vardi with Gmund Paper's owner and CEO Florian Kohler at DLD in Munich. Free press image © Hubert Burda Media / Brauer Photos
Right: Analogue, intensive explosions of color for the guests at the DLD conference. ©Gmund Paper Mill

Everything at DLD occurs under the big headline "The Next Next". The focal points here are innovation, digitization, science and culture. Interesting speakers and over 1,000 guests have been discussing the "next next" behind Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich since Sunday. And what's directly across the street? A store with papers manufactured 30 miles south of Munich by Gmund Paper and Printing. Here's where the analogue and the digital world meet, or perhaps we should say, here's where they perfectly complement each other.

One might think that the DLD conference has nothing to do with paper. But as can be seen on, fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler was celebrated as "Mr. Analogue" at the previous DLD in New York. Florian Kohler is present at DLD again, but this time he's attending the conference as a guest with paper. Each visitor receives a book made from Gmund Action, a paper that conveys feelings via shrill signal colors and brilliantly sparkling surfaces.

"It's true that papers exist in more intensive colors. But with Gmund Action, we've succeeded in developing the world’s most extreme colors for papers. The luminously glaring character is further accentuated by the inclusion of sparkling particles. For example, the Cannes Film Festival used brilliantly red 'Electric Blood' from the Gmund Action series was the festival’s invitation cards," explains Gmund Paper's owner and CEO Florian Kohler.

International brands use Gmund Action to attract attention to their products, business results or events. While many consumers skim emotionlessly across digital displays, Gmund Action always enjoys their undivided attention: information communicated by analogue media remains in people's long-term memory. "Just last week a French customer, who had come here to see our environmentally friendly production at firsthand, said that after having taken these brochures into his hands, he simply doesn't want to let go of them," Kohler remarks.

Meanwhile, the discussions continue at DLD. This year's guests include WhatsApp's founder Jan Koum and Netflix's founder Reed Hastings. Marissa Mayer, president and CEO of Yahoo!, has already been a guest at DLD. She had her wedding invitations printed in Gmund at Lake Tegernsee - and, of course, on Gmund paper.

Sabine Huber
Public Relations
Tel. +49 8022 7500-73

About the paper factory Gmund

Gmund Paper has been synonymous with paper culture and the ecological fabrication of unique communications media from natural paper since 1829.

The cellulose used in all of Gmund’s papers is FSC® certified.

Custom-tailored solutions for sustainable brand identities are created at the development and production site in the town of Gmund on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. Circa 75% of the papers are exported. A family-owned business, Gmund Paper is directed by fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler.


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