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Envelopments Color Story

Introducing Gmund Colors

"At the recent Gmund Colors Tour across the US, Envelopments was honored to come along to share our love of color and why it’s so important to our company and customers.

Since we do a lot of talking and writing about color, Envelopments designed a beautiful booklet called “Color Stories” utilizing the new Gmund Colors line.

Color is one of the cornerstones of Envelopments. We provide a designer’s palette of the best, most saturated colors of card stocks and papers available from the best paper mills around the world.

When Gmund announced their new color system we knew it would be a perfect fit into our system of converted products for creating custom invitations, announcements and communiques.

To read more about Envelopments curiosity and love of color,
click here… “For the Love of Color” 

  • View a PDF of the entire “Color Story” booklet and production notes. 
  • Order a limited edition copy featuring digital CMYK, White, Metallic Silver and Gold inks.
  • Learn about an insightful exhibition on color at the Smithsonian Museum."


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Thank you for visiting us from the USA. We are passionate about paper. Our mill is in Gmund am Tegernsee, in Southern Germany. On our international pages, you’ll find innovative papers, news about our company, and important sales information.