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Gmund Brand Convention

Provocative Statements from Practical Experience

Some 350 guests from the worlds of business, industry, advertising agencies and designer took up the invitation of the Buettenpapierfabrik Gmund to the Gmund Brand Convention in Munich to hear trendsetting lectures of the experts Florian Haller of Serviceplan, Gerd Strehle of Strenesse, American Designer Marc Friedland, Dr. Kaufmann of Leica and Florian Kohler of Gmund and to share ideas.

Florian Kohler, owner of the Gmund Paper Mill, welcomed everyone and elucidated paper’s influence on brands. “As a renowned competence centre for paper, colour and textures, we have been guiding and counselling clients in the aesthetic development of their brand identity for many years. In this way, we’ve enhanced the positive impact of our clients’ brands. To an increasingly greater degree, we’re becoming the ‘brand maker’ for many of our clients,” Kohler explained.

  • Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Gruppe, gave a talk about the “Internetisation” of the brand and the challenges of brand management in the digital environment.
  • Gerd Strehle, chairman of the board of Strenesse AG, recounted his experiences from the
    viewpoint of a fashion designer who, more so than nearly any other colleague, has linked
    the aesthetic style of his products with the brand image of his company
  • Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the board of Leica Camera AG, offered interesting
    insights about branding in the exciting field between tradition and innovation.
  • Surprise guest Marc Friedland brought Hollywood flair to Munich. This Los Angeles-based
    designer creates invitations for the most important VIP events and also designs the world’s
    most avidly coveted and most frequently photographed envelopes: namely, the Oscar®
    winners’ envelopes with the announcement cards at the annual Academy Awards®.

    This exciting afternoon about the theme of brands was followed by a fascinating live spectacle with plenty of action.

Gmund Action: Newly developed “speed” colours – the new dimension for emotional communication

Some people would say that neon colours have always been available. But we at Gmund set ourselves the goal of putting speed into paper. The resulting attentiongetting colours and sophisticated textures are
unparalleled and unprecedented. “Never before have there been such eye-catching colours with an electrifying effect that adds importance to their application,” Kohler proudly says about his newest creation.

The location was immersed in artificial fog for the presentation of Gmund Action. Barrier tapes transformed the venue into a genuine “crime scene” that visitors could sense with every cell of their bodies.

The names of the several paper varieties determined the staging. The audience was introduced to the “Vibrant Arsenic” paper variant with penetrating bass sounds, fast-paced strobe lights and piercing neon-yellow lighting on the walls.

The “Electric Blood” theme room featured a chopping block, an executioner’s axe and shockingly neon-red paint. The paper that had been saturated with this sanguineous fluid came uncomfortably close to getting under the skin of the spectators.

A hospital nurse welcomed visitors to the third room. The guests occasionally felt a little electric shock when they shook hands and were startled by loud blasts from time to time. The room’s walls were covered with shrill “Pastel Heart Attack” paper.

“Nuclear Acid” is almost physically painful to the eyes that behold it. More attention could scarcely be attracted by a sheet of paper. This shimmery toxic yellow was shown among human skulls and test tubes filled with simmering fluids. A potent vitamin drink was served to give the guests an additional energy boost.

The world of “Crystal Vanilla Sorbet” was far more tranquil. This room was immersed in a touch of crème and a homemade vanilla sorbet was served as a little dessert.

The printing industry’s leading experts in paper engraving, silkscreen and letterpress printing, embossing and bookbinding shared their know-how about printing and high-end print finishing at an exhibition dedicated to “Technology on Paper in Three-Dimensional Space”. In addition to learning about the state of the art of paper, everyone who also wanted to find out about the latest digital innovations could admire Apple’s newest devices.

As the evening continued, an unforgettable “crime scene” for paper presentations transitioned into a lively disco in the capable hands of the well-known DJane Julia Diamond.

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