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Gmund Paper at the POS

Gmund presents their shop-in-shop concept

Gmund Papiermanufaktur Paper Wall

In close co-operation with their specialised dealers, Gmund Papier has developed a new and innovative retail concept that turns the purchase of fine papers into an optical and haptic experience. Under the brand name "Gmund – Die Papiermanufaktur" (Gmund – manufacturers of paper) letter papers, cards, envelopes and stationary products are presented in an attractive and deliberate POS-system.

Divers elements are new compared to conventional paper wall concepts. Inspired by the aesthetics of folded papers, a modern and practical display was created that invites the customer to experience the products with all their senses. Alongside the attractive display, the new shop-in-shop concept includes a designer paper lamp made of 30 sheets of Gmund paper arranged according to the colour gradient. A firework explosion of paper colour and a true eye catcher in any shop. This new appearance is rounded off with an efficient consultation table encompassing a display cabinet where inspirations and suggestions for product usage are presented.


Under the product category, "TALK", papers are marketed as the medium of personal messaging. The client is able to choose card products and matching envelopes from fifteen different colour groups. With 185 years of experience in paper manufacturing, and in accordance to market conditions, a clear selection of the wide-ranging Gmund products was defined, offering the right papers for every occasion and all tastes or preferences.

The papers convince with the stories they tell. Amongst others, there is the Gmund Bier paper containing inclusions of real beer-brewer's grains; or there is the soft velvety 100% Cotton paper, which is made of 100% cotton fibres. Gmund Wood paper, with its embossed rustic wood grain, delights as much as the most famous of all papers – the gold shimmering Gmund Oscar paper. For the first time, some of the innovations from the Gmund creative laboratory are sold at retail and the end client is able to purchase even small amounts of just one A4 page.

High profile and inspiring commercials were filmed for the TALK category portraying the individualities of the papers in emotional motion picture. They are an eye-catching feature shown directly at the POS.


The product category "KEEP" covers paper products that capture the moment. High quality note books, classy photo albums, creative note pads, handy paper baskets (the so-called Crashed Bag) and numerous other specialised paper products inspire and convince with quality 'Made in Bavaria'.

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