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Gmund Urban Event

Materials in urban space

15. October 2014

More than 200 decision-makers from the worlds of business, industry and the media met at Kutchiin in Munich on the evening of Monday, October 13th to experience a presentation of new materials: metal foam, iron netting, the newest nano materials, flexible wooden constructions, filigree ceramics and cement dust were felt, admired and touched at individual islands devoted to each material.

Nina Saller from designaffairs design agency gave an interesting lecture about "Urban Sensualism", the phenomenon of rediscovering sensual stimuli while coping with the continually increasing flood of stimuli in today's metropolises. The cement artist Andreas Sack experimented with liquid cement. And Gmund, as the trendsetter in the paper industry, presented the new paper with the appropriate look and feel: Gmund Urban.

Inspired by contemporary architecture in today's constantly growing metropolises, Gmund collaborated with its trading partner Römerturm to develop the Gmund Urban paper collection. Dyes, cellulose and water were combined in numerous variants at the research department on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. The result is Gmund Urban, a paper with simple straightforwardness and surfaces that emulate cement or wood. Fine paper has never shown such remarkable fidelity to materials.

Everything calls to mind the "favorite ingredients" of contemporary architects: stone dust from an Austrian quarry is used for "Cement" paper. Stone from this same quarry was used in the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This paper has the rough, raw look of fair-faced concrete. A serene, objective and straight-lined structure characterizes "Architect" paper, which has micro-embossing that epitomizes tact and understatement. And an antique, sun-bleached, wooden roof beam inspired the texture of the new "Brasilia" paper.

"We're very proud to collaborate with Gmund for the exclusive presentation of an absolutely innovative and trendy paper in Germany. This materiality in paper is most impressive," explains Petra Ross, marketing director at Römerturm.
"Gmund Urban is the designer house for modern communication. It weds clear contours with rough, authentic surfaces. The haptic experience that we achieved together with Römerturm is globally unique," says Florian Kohler, CEO and owner of Gmund Paper Mill.

Gmund Urban offers a palette of warm and dusty tones: Dust, Powder, Grey and Black are ideal for aesthetically sophisticated business reports, brochures, packaging, invitations or calling cards. These papers achieve a materiality that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth – neither in the countryside nor in the big metropolises.

About Römerturm:
Römerturm has manufactured the finest high-quality papers, also for use by artists, for over 125 years. These "cultural goods for the senses" are unparalleled. The company's mission is to combine tradition and dynamic modernism in one material. Paper lives – with Römerturm. Gmund Urban is now available in Germany from Römerturm.

Sabine Huber
Public Relations
Tel. +49 8022 7500-73

About the paper factory Gmund

Gmund Paper has been synonymous with paper culture and the ecological fabrication of unique communications media from natural paper since 1829.

The cellulose used in all of Gmund’s papers is FSC® certified.

Custom-tailored solutions for sustainable brand identities are created at the development and production site in the town of Gmund on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. Circa 75% of the papers are exported. A family-owned business, Gmund Paper is directed by fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler.


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