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Modern Talking

Paper talks

Regardless of what you aim to express with words, your message is primarily this: personal. And so precious that it requires a stylish form of transport. On fine paper.

At Gmund we manufacture unique papers. In doing so our paper-makers are inspired by various materials and experiment to their heart's content. Their creative abilities, plus their intuition and keen sense of trends, lead the way to a colourful multitude of innovative design papers. Their message is clear: they yearn to be used, touched and inscribed. For that purpose, Gmund has put together a special collection and we have named it TALK. Because paper unites. Just like a good conversation, only more lasting.

The TALK range is an enchanting composition – capricious surfaces, colours and sizes offer untold usage and application. Neon paper, bold and cool, is most often accompanied by natural Wood or Bier papers, while the White papers match the illuminating power of a Blue paper or the glamorous Brilliant papers perfectly.


Thank you for visiting us from the USA. We are passionate about paper. Our mill is in Gmund am Tegernsee, in Southern Germany. On our international pages, you’ll find innovative papers, news about our company, and important sales information.