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New paper collection "Gmund Bauhaus Dessau"

Collaboration between Gmund Paper and Bauhaus Dessau 

29. October 2018

Gmund Paper launches the “Gmund Bauhaus Dessau” collection in close collaboration with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

The Anniversary
A legend celebrates its birthday in 2019, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the world-famous Bauhaus Design School. The jubilee is a major cultural event in Germany with an extensive program. The Bauhaus has not only shaped the history of architecture, but also the modernity as a whole. Founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919, the Bauhaus flourished in Dessau from 1925 to 1932. Today, 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus, the principles, methods and visions of its teachers and students are still very much alive.

The dialogue between material and design had a specific significance at the Bauhaus, where paper also played a central role. Retrospectively describing his pedagogy, the Bauhaus master Josef Albers declared, “First we seek contact with material.” 

Today, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in Dessau hosts approximately 100,000 visitors, guests, academicians, students and artists. The foundation works artistically and experimentally with the goal of keeping alive the legacy of the Bauhaus, its ideas and its themes.

The Cooperation
The Bauhaus Dessau stands for modernity and new beginnings; Gmund Paper stands for innovation and creativity in the paper industry: both partners are known and appreciated by creative minds and leading designers throughout the world. This is an ideal partnership to collaboratively develop and bring to the market a “Gmund Bauhaus Dessau” paper collection. The high quality of this collection is destined to set new standards. The basis of the Gmund Bauhaus Dessau paper is the two institutions’ shared fundamental philosophy of material appropriateness and material research. 

An Overview of Gmund Bauhaus Dessau Paper 

  • Pure materiality and quality 
  • No texture, no effects
  • Smooth surface 
  • Two clear white tones 
  • Deep black 
  • Available in grammatures 120, 160, 250, 300 and 350 g/m², depending on the specific paper 
  • Very good printability in all printing techniques 
  • Good processing on all machines 
  • Specially conceived for large print-runs (e.g. packaging, mailings, interior pages of brochures and catalogues) 


About the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation 
The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is an artistic, academic and scientific foundation. Its mission is to preserve and convey the Bauhaus, its ideas and its themes. The foundation’s work is historically reflective and simultaneously questions the contemporary relevance and the present-day potentials that can be derived from the legacy of the Bauhaus for the 21st century. The years of the Bauhaus in Dessau (1925 to 1932) are regarded as the heyday of the school, which was founded in Weimar in 1919. The contemporary inheritance, from which the foundation’s work results, is accordingly extensive.

Sabine Huber
Public Relations
Tel. +49 8022 7500-73

About the paper factory Gmund

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