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New paper collection: Gmund Wood

A Paper Shows Its Character

11. August 2017

Inspired by the permanence of nature and by the “green” trend, the paper experts from Gmund have created a new landmark: the “Gmund Wood” collection. Color, sheen, texture and real wood grain are its incomparable characteristics.

Wood is the epitome of naturalness and ecology. This authentic natural material served as the model for the new collection’s surface textures and patterns.

“Gmund Wood” is available with two different surfaces: “Solid” and “Veneer.” “Solid,” a further development of the earlier Savanna collection, calls to mind high-quality solid wood. Genuine wood grain is palpably integrated into the paper’s surface. “Veneer” has the look and feel of wooden veneer. This impression is strengthened by a slightly glossy coating, which simultaneously provides extra protection for the paper.

The spectrum of applications for “Gmund Wood” is just as expansive as for natural wood, which served as its model. Whether for interiors, as a packaging material or as stationery, “Gmund Wood” is ideal for a wide range of potential uses and is appealing above all thanks to its first-class design. Robust and supple “Gmund Wood” adds warmth and naturalness to communication.

This paper is unmistakable, as are its color variants. From Abura, through Limba to Tindalo, nine different colors are available. Each of the nine is named after a genuine wood variety from around the globe and each color closely resembles the natural hue of its namesake. 

With “Gmund Wood,” the paper technologists from the Mangfall Valley have created an unparalleled product that comes extraordinarily close to reproducing the look and feel of real wood.

An overview of “Gmund Wood”:

  • Two surfaces in each of nine colors
  • Depending on the color, there are three different grammages available: 300, 350 and 500 g/m²
  • Suitable for all common printing techniques 
  • Excellent for warm, natural products
  • With genuine wood grain


Sabine Huber
Public Relations
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