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Nude, glorious nude

Combining trend-colour nude

1. It's all or nothing

If nude, then properly nude! In a complete look, nude can produce an unbeatable glamour-effect. When combined with similar nuances, like delicate Matt 71 with Matt 72 or Matt 84, then it looks especially elegant.

2. It's in the structure

What makes the nude-look so exciting is the choice of materials. Various different structures break up that monochrome appearance. A Metallic 07 and a Matt 84, or a Felt 84 and a Matt 85 as examples – experimentation comes without boundaries.

3. Emphasize the features

An aristocratic pallor, yes. But only with certain features. Whoever feels too revealing in the tone-in-tone look might take this, in regard to nude colour combinations, as a reminder: the more flamboyant the better. The powerful 54 combined with the delicate 71, bright red lipstick and a nude-coloured trouser suit.

Text: Nanette

Foto: Kelli Seeger Kim /


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