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Paper produced with water power

Gmund relies on water power to generate up to 50% of the energy needed to produce the new BMW i8 brochure.

07. August 2014

Water, steam and sunshine: Gmund use them every day to produce paper. Located for the past 185 years in the idyllic Mangfall Valley, the Gmund Paper Mill uses energy from water to manufacture paper and generate electricity. In the newest paper development for the BMW i8 brochure, Gmund was able to generate up to 50 % of the electricity from the energy in flowing water.

"Our innovative method enables us to pursue totally new paths for generating energy. Our paper perfectly matches the sustainable mobility concept of the BMW i8. Up to 75 % of the electrical current comes from regenerative energy and fully 50 % is derived from water power. That’s a big step for us and a trailblazing innovation in the paper industry", explains Gmund’s owner and managing director Florian Kohler.

Gmund has been investing in environmental technologies for more than a quarter of a century. Gmund's Environmental Charta chronicles this commitment with regard to water consumption, raw materials, energy generation and recycling. Every sheet of Gmund paper earns the Gmund EcoCertificate, which proves that it complies with the guidelines of the Environmental Charta.

Sabine Huber
Public Relations
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