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Passionate about papermaking. Family-owned since 1904.

Passionate about papermaking. Family-owned since 1904.

We’ve been passionate about papermaking since 1829.
And for a very good reason.

Soon after Johann Nepomuk Haas was granted the right to collect rags in 1829, he set up a paper mill in the Mangfall Valley near Gmund. His business, which grew rapidly, was taken over in 1854 by Gregor Fichtner, who further expanded it. Ownership of the factory was transferred in 1904 to Ludwig Alois Kohler and thus into the family of the current owner, L. A. Kohler’s great-great-nephew Florian Kohler.

Florian Kohler currently directs the factory. With more than 120 employees, he is an independent and self-determined businessman. After graduating from university with a degree in business management, he worked abroad in the paper industry for several years before returning to Germany and entering the management board in 1984. He has been the sole managing director and self-determined entrepreneur since 2004.

Production site in Gmund at Lake Tegernsee.

Water is essential for the production of paper. Gmund, which is situated along the shore of the Mangfall River, is an ideal location for several reasons. Gmund generates an enormous amount of energy. Up to 75% comes from water power and our own production. The papers are manufactured with pure spring water, which emerges from a spring on the mountain above the factory. The water is used and reused as many as seven times during the production. Our papermaking machines run and run: one has been in operation since 1886, the other since 1979. Both are continually modernized and upgraded to comply with the newest technical standards. Efficient use of energy and ultramodern technology are top priorities. Naturally grown during the past 186 years, Gmund gradually expands in harmony with nature and its surroundings. Our current project is the new construction of a warehouse and production building: erected on the site of the old boiler house and situated directly above the Mangfall River, this new building harmonizes with the terrain and displaces no meadows or green spaces in the valley.

Gmund worldwide.

Cosmetics, perfumes from around the world, alcoholic beverages, the finest chocolates, ecological mueslis, tea and many other products are packed in papers from Gmund. Many varieties of business stationery and reports, image brochures, reference works and product literature are printed on Gmund’s papers. Wedding invitations, birth announcements, greeting cards, gift packagings, bags and invitation cards like the invitations to the film festival in Cannes, the Golden Camera in Berlin and to the Oscar awards ceremony at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood: Gmund’s papers play leading roles when stars and starlets hear the magic words “The Oscar goes to...”
Rooted in our homeland, environmentally responsible, modern.

Gmund gladly makes a big contribution to a healthy environment. Gmund and its workforce are committed to preserving this beautiful location on the shores of Lake Tegernsee for the future. That’s why Gmund continually invests in modern, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible production. For today and for generations to come.


Thank you for visiting us from the USA. We are passionate about paper. Our mill is in Gmund am Tegernsee, in Southern Germany. On our international pages, you’ll find innovative papers, news about our company, and important sales information.