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Rustic chic

The new Dirndl and Burschen books from Gmund Paper

21. June 2016

Lake Tegernsee lies in the midst of the Alpine foothills. This lake reflects the idyllic Bavarian landscape, which appears in the mind’s eyes of people around the world whenever they think about Bavaria. Of course, all this simply must be accompanied by the appropriate folkloric clothing. The people who live in the valley around Lake Tegernsee love to dress in traditional Alpine garb, not only when they celebrate a party in the forest or beside the lake, but also in their everyday lives. 

Gmund Paper is an integral part of this lively Bavarian culture. The papermakers at Gmund created the Dirndl and Burschen books, a series of notebooks in Bavarian outfits inspired by the colorful fabrics of folkloric clothing. Now Gmund Paper has released a new edition of theses popular notepads to complement the sunny summer weather. 

The Dirndl (i.e. young woman) book is radiant in beetroot red, sky blue or pale green. Embroidery motifs adorn the linen covers of all three designs. There’s also a new outfit for Burschen (i.e. young men). Burschen book 2.0 alludes to the embroidered patterns on traditional Loden jackets. 

Gmund Paper has created faithful companions that look great – and not only with Bavarian clothes. The Dirndl and Burschen books refer to traditional elements, which they transfer to a stylishly chic accessory.

You can find the Dirndl and Burschen books, as well as many other Gmund paper products, online or in the following stores: Boesner in Vienna | Gmund Paper Shop in Gmund | Gmund Papier und Druck in Munich | Gut zum Druck in Mettmann | Kaut-Bullinger in Munich | La Casita in Regensburg | Ludwig Beck in Munich | Schreibmayr in Munich | Schreibfant in Stuttgart | Tegernsee Arkaden in Tegernsee

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About the paper factory Gmund

Gmund Paper has been synonymous with paper culture and the ecological fabrication of unique communications media from natural paper since 1829.

The cellulose used in all of Gmund’s papers is FSC® certified.

Custom-tailored solutions for sustainable brand identities are created at the development and production site in the town of Gmund on the shores of Lake Tegernsee. Circa 75% of the papers are exported. A family-owned business, Gmund Paper is directed by fourth-generation papermaker Florian Kohler.


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