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The System

The color system for paper

Due to a precise product analysis Gmund worked out the issue of color in graphic implementations and other design orientated industries.

There is a huge amount of colors and professional color systems for several applications on the market. Most of these systematic color schemes have risen or even emerged randomly over the time. Best-known samples are the RAL system which is used for cabinetry and the Pantone color scheme which is common in the printing sector. It seems that these systems have been expanded endlessly just to keep designers and other creatives entertained. The result is an enormous selection of colors and nuances which can hardly be dedicated.

What about the paper section? Here you can find a huge amount of paper model books but you can’t find a single paper color system. Even very complex series from English-speaking countries or Italy have been historically expanded and weren’t built on a systematic and organized basis. The permanently growing number of color collections is causing confusion within brand manufacturers and designers. Therefore Gmund was confronted by the desire to find a solution for this problem many times.

Against this backdrop a development order was commissioned and in the following 18 months a paper color system for designers and brand manufacturers was generated. It’s based on simplicity, clarity and the creative strength of the chosen colors.



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