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Systematic Rather Than Accidental

Color Selection Process

To develop this new color system, we began by analyzing how colors are chosen by designers across a range of industries.

A large number of professional color systems already exist. The two best-known color systems are RAL (in the furniture industry) and Pantone (in the printing industry). These systems have been expanded almost endlessly to meet the evolving needs of creative people, leaving us with an overly complicated and perplexing array of colors and nuances.

In the world of paper, the problem is strikingly similar. Increasingly, we find many colorful books full of sample papers without a clear system. Even comprehensive series from England, Italy and the USA are based on historically evolved color series without a clear and systematic approach. A constantly growing number of collections in the most widely diverse colors have created little more than confusion throughout the creative industry.

Gmund Colors was destined to be simple and comprehensible, so we banished all existing Gmund collections from our development workshops, sat down at our drawing board, and worked step by step to create a totally new system for colored papers.


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