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The underestimated colour – has oompf

The color brown over the course of time

Brown – in all perceivable nuances – is an elementary colour in interior design and has a strong presence in contemporary design, representing natural materials such as wood, leather or earth. It also stands for indulgence, prosperity, comfort and even beauty. However, this was not always the case. In Medieval times, brown was considered the colour of peasants, even centuries later it was the colour of mediocrity and dullness. It's only from the 19th century onwards the mood shifted. With the popularity of chocolate and coffee, a novel importance of indulgence and consumption developed. Soon, sun-bronzed skin was deemed to be an ideal of beauty, thus brown became even more desirable. Eventually, the path to success was evened out by the growing fashion of luxurious leather goods, a trend of wooden interior decoration and the use of environmentally conscious materials with natural colours.

Text: Nanette

Foto: Daniel Hurst /


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